Living and working in Abu Dhabi for many years Andrew realized that it had become all work and little taking care of himself.  He began an exercise and dietary regime to address the problems that sitting in his office for too many hours can cause.  Andrew had put weight on, felt fatigued most of the time and his stress levels were through the roof.

Because of work commitments Andrew found it difficult to incorporate and maintain his new lifestyle choices into his schedule of lunch with clients, long office hours and travelling.  Gradually this changed. Andrew now has a time table he can manage.

Holidaying in Spain, Andrew realized would cause problems with his training and maintaining his diet, he contacted Camp Pikorua for help.  Andrew wanted to maintain and improve upon his physical health and diet.

Andrew was with us for three weeks. In that time he gained muscle strength and tone, lost fat, felt fitter and stronger.  Through a combination of circuits, mountain hikes, weight training and yoga Andrew was able to more than meet the goals he had set himself.

Currently back in Abu Dhabi Andrew is now planning his next stay with us at Camp Pikorua Fitness Retreat.

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