4 health benefits of regular Yoga

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Yoga has become increasingly popular across the Western World in recent years and is a common class option at fitness centres and gyms, as well as with us at Camp Pikorua Fitness Retreat in Spain – but why? We look at the health benefits of yoga and how practising it regularly can help your fitness in the long term.

The biggest appeal for many people in Yoga is that it truly is for everyone. No matter your age, size or current level of fitness, you can benefit from Yoga’s relaxing and strengthening properties. We recognise the value of yoga, which is why Yoga classes play a prominent part in many of our programmes. Contact us for more information on (0034) 625864409.

Improve strength

Any exercise that requires you to support your own body weight and engages your muscles will contribute towards building your strength. Not all types of Yoga are equal in building strength, however; certain poses, like the boat, warrior, chaturanga, lunges and horse are great for toning up various areas of your body.

Improve balance

Being balanced means far more than just your physical coordination, though Yoga is excellent for this too! Yoga is both a mental and physical discipline. Practising Yoga encourages you to look inwards and releases built-up tension and stress – two factors which are known to contribute to anxiety and depression. Breathing exercises, slow movements and meditation all help generate a feeling of peace and tranquillity that is good for your mental health and inner balance.

Improve flexibility

Better flexibility means less chance of nasty injuries. Yoga is a great way of improving your flexibility and making your body less stiff, as it incorporates both stretching and twisting movements that encompass your entire body. Loosening up your muscles, the more Yoga you do the more flexible you will become and the wider your range of motion will be.

Improve posture

Many of the different Yoga postures involve stretching your spine and rotating your shoulders. These actions help to improve your overall posture. Bad posture is associated with a range of problems such as back ache, neck pain, poor digestion, breathing problems and joint pain. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, then practising Yoga is a great way of getting your posture back to the way it should be!

Our fully qualified trainers teach the classic Iyengar method of Yoga here at Camp Pikorua. Iyengar Yoga helps you develop your alignment, posture, awareness,stamina, concentration and relaxation.

Are you interested in getting on board with us at our fitness retreat in Spain? Get in touch with us on (0034) 625864409 or email [email protected]

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