3 Tips for Staying Healthy After your Fitness Retreat

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You have returned from your stay with us at Camp Pikorua Fitness Retreat and are feeling great! However, as life returns to normal it’s all too easy for bad lifestyle and eating habits to creep back into your daily routine. It’s easy to stay motivated when surrounded by like-minded people, but how do you keep up what you’ve learned at home?

Sadly, simply attending a fitness retreat such as ours is not a one-stop solution to all your health problems. Rather, it is meant to act as a springboard and to inspire and motivate you to continue your new, healthier lifestyle for yourself once you leave us. Bad habits die hard, but the longer that you spend away at a retreat like ours, the further it can go to help you learn and establish, as routine, new and better ones!

Join a like-minded community back home

One of the keys to success at fitness retreats is the motivation of being surrounded by like-minded people with similar goals to you and with trainers like ours, that inspire you to become a better you. When you return home, it can be very beneficial to recreate this scenario by joining a gym and attending classes or investing in a personal trainer who will help you stay motivated.

Make necessary adjustments immediately

Returning to the hum-drum and familiarity of your day to day life, it can be all too easy to slip back into buying the same food as before and readopting your previous sedentary lifestyle. That is why it’s important to implement adjustments from the moment you arrive home so that you are not tempted to slip back into old ways. Rid your home of sweets and chocolate, clear a space for exercise and go on a healthy food shop to get in the right mindset!

Remember, at Camp Pikorua Fitness Retreat our help doesn’t stop when you leave Spain. We offer ongoing support and advice even after you have left us and returned to your daily life.

Don’t get yourself down about slip-ups

Nobody is perfect and sometimes it’s ok to allow yourself that one slice of cake or to take a day off from exercise! However, the key is to not allow your bad days to affect your good ones. The worst thing you can do is to give up eating healthily or exercising after a day off, or to decide your entire week is a write off because you think you ‘failed’. Better health doesn’t happen overnight, so missing Yoga or Pilates for one day, or eating that chocolate cookie during the week, is not a problem. Just don’t make it a frequent habit and avoid dwelling on any lapses – that will only demotivate you.

When staying at Pikorua Fitness Retreat in Spain, we endeavour to make sure that the healthy habits you learn with us stick! We offer excellent support, before, during and after your stay, to help you be the best you can be. Contact us on (0034) 625864409 for more information.

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