Fitness during and after Pregnancy

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Keeping in shape and maintaining your fitness can be hard at the best of times. Even more so if working out for two…. At Camp Pikorua Fitness Retreat mothers to be or those who have given birth can be assured that the training programme they follow is safe, effective and personalised to meet their goals of maintaining and developing their fitness during and after pregnancy.

For expectant mothers we focus on keeping fitness up in a safe way, whilst building up the muscles needed to support a growing stomach and to protect the back. Expectant women usually have the capacity to do almost everything they did prior to becoming pregnant. We make sure you are working out safely and with the correct form – something that’s often more challenging as your body increases in size.

The NHS advise not to restart exercise for six weeks post birth. Once a new mother has had the all clear from their GP we are happy to help you work towards regaining full fitness in a safe and effective way. Pregnant women produce the hormone relaxin, which loosens your ligaments to prepare for childbirth. What it means for your body post pregnancy is that your muscles are less supported, so you have to rebuild your balance and strength. It can be daunting returning to fitness after pregnancy, especially where your body has experienced such major changes, but the Camp Pikorua team will be on hand to help you at every stage.

Post pregnancy exercises can focus on working arms and shoulders building up the pelvic floor and hip flexibility and strength – areas common to postnatal ladies. Postnatal bodies benefit from keeping sets short and manageable. We are always ready to adapt exercises if clients can’t physically do something.

Are you expecting and would like to find out more about fitness during and after pregnancy? Get in touch with us today to find out more!

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