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During your stay at Camp Pikorua Fitness Retreat you will you be expected to participate in 6 to 12 hours of exercise a day. This will include a variety of gym work (weights, treadmill, bike), circuits, walking, jogging, running etc. Our aim is to improve your cardio-vascular (CV) fitness as well as your muscle strength and endurance. Although these sessions will be challenging, we know that, with our support, you will give them your all and enjoy pushing yourself. The reward will be the “New you” and surely make all your hard work worth it!

plan for a healthier, better future


  • We believe in living not just longer but better; because your daily choices determine how your future will unfold.
  • We all want to enjoy greater life experiences, be it for ourselves or to share with loved ones.
  • We have an increased capacity to travel further afield and to participate in pastimes, hobbies, activities and sports that require a greater degree of physical ability.
  • Few of us look beyond the next few years regarding our body and how it will cope due to the stress we inflict upon it and the rigours of day to day life.
  • We believe passionately in the importance of having and maintaining a strong, healthy body which allows us greater control of our lives as we age.
Pikorua yoga pool headstand
Pikorua fitness beach yoga

a new and improved you


We show you how making a lifestyle change and putting in some hard work, really can make your goals and targets attainable.

We guide you by introducing exercise and sensible eating patterns into your life to bring about the changes you want, to help your body stay stronger and healthier for much longer.

We support you every step of the way with practical solutions, which allow you to continue to be more active and pursue the things in life that fulfill you.

plan for a healthier, better future

Why Pikorua?

Our name is taken from the culture of New Zealand.

Be they Maori or Pakeha – black or white, New Zealanders believe that a Pikorua, which is worn or used with respect, becomes a link between people. It spans time and distance and is a truly great and powerful treasure.

The Pikorua represents two intertwined Pikopiko ferns. The twist has no beginning or end and symbolises a bond between individuals within a family or group.

It stands for the strength of enduring, interwoven lives and is inspired by life & growth, reflected in wisdom and self-knowledge.

It also refers to the interconnectedness between holistic healing – mind, body and soul.

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