Cardio Circuit Training.

Your body is designed to move and the greater movement it gets the better condition your muscles will be in. Your heart is a muscle and the more work and exercise you do the stronger your heart muscle will be. Your lungs will also benefit from exercise. Cardio exercise, also known as aerobic exercise specifically targets heart and lung fitness by using free oxygen in the body.

the many benefits of

aerobic exercise.

  • can help in lowering high blood pressure
  • relieves stress
  • helps to decrease body fat
  • better sleep
  • increase bone density
  • reduced risk of heart disease
  • more confidence in your appearence

our practice

Cardio &
Aerobic Exercises.

Cardio and aerobic exercises can be performed at varying intensities, from low to high. Although aerobic exercise can be of high intensity, when performed at too high an intensity the exercise becomes anaerobic.

Unlike aerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise is dependent on sources of energy stored in the muscles, rather than oxygen. Examples of aerobic exercises include: running, swimming, hiking, cycling, skipping, dancing and boxing.

exercise and circuits

our routines.

Your training sessions will involve many types of exercise and varied routines, from circuits to HIIT, yoga and hiking.

Circuit training is performed at high intensity using resistance or endurance training methods to condition your body. Exercises such as press ups, burpees, squats along with free weights are used in a selected order, i.e. from 1-8. Each exercise is performed to a predetermined time. Once all the exercise have been completed that is one circuit. A circuit can be repeated several times and the work period can be altered to make the circuit more challenging.

Circuits are a great way for people of differing skill levels and abilities to participate in exercise together but all are working to their maximum.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), is a training method that allows the trainer to use the same exercise as in circuits but in a different way. HIIT is a form of anaerobic interval training performed at an intense level for a short period with a fewer recovery periods. Each exercise is repeated to a predetermined number so stressing a particular muscle group before moving on to the next exercise.

Along with circuit training and HIIT, hiking is a great way to use up calories whilst enjoying the spectacular views on offer from the Cabrera Mountains. To aid you in your quest for results you may be given a weighted jacket to wear for part of your hike.

Some sessions will be gym based. For those with little or no gym experience, time will be taken to work with you to insure that you are comfortable and feel confident before undertaking any work within the gym.

Some of the work-outs in the gym will include weights, free weights, yoga, karate and dance training.

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