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You have taken the decision to become a member of Camp Pikorua Fitness Retreat. But which 6 day Package will you choose? Which one will give you the most benefit, the most gain?

All 6 day Packages contain a core fitness plan that includes hiking, gym work, weights, HIIT and boxing. When deciding on your Package we ask that you pay particular attention to what YOU require and need from your Retreat. For example the Platinum Package gives greater scope for extra sessions of personal training than the Gold Package. Yet if you should choose the Gold Package then wish to add further sessions of personal training to your Package to help you reach your goals then this can be arranged.

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workout routine.

Within a large group you can get lost and isolated – not at Camp Pikorua Fitness Retreat. We have specifically tailored our Retreats to manageable numbers to give each and every participant that personal service and attention that can make all the difference to you attaining your goals. Your trainer or therapist will be an expert in their chosen field be it fitness, therapies, health or nutritional information.

Once you have decided on your package, if there are any extra fitness sessions or therapies you wish to add to it you may do so by arrangement with us.


your package


Why not personalise your package? This will allow you more flexibility to concentrate on what you want to work on, for instance cardio vascular fitness or muscular endurance.

To personalise your package Camp Pikorua Fitness Retreat will need prior notice to agree to and arrange your Package.

We will only deliver personalised packages under the condition of a group booking.

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