I have learnt through my own journey back to health, peace and happiness that we are all unique and must look at our individual needs and past experiences in order to identify how to move forward and foster well being. It was my own personal struggle with my health that led me to discover my passion and purpose in helping others to heal and find balance. This inspired me to obtain Diplomas in Holistic Nutrition and Life Coaching in order to establish “Lizzie Cooke Wellness” and my own Wellness Programme. Further study, with Functional Medicine expert and author Dave Hompes, led me to qualify as a Functional Nutritionist and later as a Functional Medicine Practitioner. My work is now based on Functional Medicine which follows a client centered approach to healing and sees everyone as unique with their own individual needs. It integrates physical, mental and emotional health and focuses on finding the root cause of the illness rather than only treating symptoms. It looks at how a person function on all levels and aims to bring the body systems back into balance to create optimum health. To me it makes perfect sense!

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