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Your team at Camp Pikorua Fitness Retreat and Boot Camp in Spain are all fully qualified practitioners in their chosen field. Each member has many years of experience working with and training groups of people as well as one to one sessions in the fitness and health industry.

Your Team has been chosen because of their particular range of skills. From backgrounds in professional sport to professional dancer, karate, yoga, personal trainers and nutritionist, their range of skills complement each other magnificently. All team members are driven to keep improving upon their own knowledge and skills in fitness and health to ensure that you have the best retreat experience possible.

how our team will help you to achieve your fitness goals?

Team members have a passion for fitness coupled with the love for health and nutrition



When you take the decision to make a lifestyle change the first step must be to have a plan of action before proceeding. The plan should have a starting point a middle and a process of continued progression once your initial goals have been met. This will involve you evaluating your lifestyle and the choices you make regarding fitness and health and your dietary requirements.



All the hard work, time and energy you are investing in yourself will not be allowed to go to waste. You owe it to yourself to stay focused and determined to achieved those goals you set down in you plan of action. You will receive all the help and encouragement you need from the staff of Camp Pikorua Fitness Retreat so psychologically and physically you can remain strong and positive throughout your Retreat.



You will get results. You will feel fitter, healthier and stronger, lose fat, and be less stressed. Results will only be obtained by keeping to your plan and never giving up. The results you achieve will open your mind up to what you can obtain. Getting results requires self- sacrifice, discipline and strength of will. We at Camp Pikorua Fitness Retreat understand the pitfalls that can prevent you from getting the results you want. That is why we are 100% with you 100% of the time.



I was a professional athlete for fifteen years. During this period I also trained to become a fully qualified Sports Therapist. In 2005, I qualified as an EMS (Electro-Magnectic-Stimulation Therapy) practitioner.



I have spent all of my professional life working in the field of education. I have taught in, and led, school management teams extensively, in both state and private sectors in the UK, Africa and Spain.


Functional Nutrition Practitioner

I have learnt through my own journey back to health, peace and happiness that we are all unique and must look at our individual needs and past experiences in order to identify how to move forward and foster well being


Guest Trainer

I started teaching in 2009 after gaining my IDTA qualification. I have taught at two of the most prestigious dance schools in the north-east of England and was appointed guest choreographer at Newcastle College.


Independent Consultant

Bruno has a public service related background having served 24 years in the Royal Navy, starting from 1976 as an engineer and then as a Petty Officer Physical Training Instructor.

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